About Us

Origin Story:

It is truly a pleasure to have you visit. I am Nabil, owner, and baker of Your Bread Box.

During the pandemic, I yearned to connect with the community. Baking fresh sourdough for my family and neighbors gave me the opportunity to spark a connection that I didn’t know was missing.

As news of my bread spread, the community pushed me to expand in 2022. Today, through our commercial kitchen Location in Ottawa, we’re able to provide fresh sourdough to everyone in Ottawa and Gatineau whether it be through one of our wholesale partnerships, face-to-face at local markets, or through our online ordering system.

My wife Dayna and I are incredibly grateful for the success of Your Bread Box. In my culture, we connect with our neighbors through the medium of food, and it brings us great joy to build relationships within our community and spread joy through delicious Sourdough.

About Us:

Your Bread Box is a Family-owned gourmet sourdough bread company that's dedicated to creating delicious and wholesome bread using locally sourced ingredients. We specialize in wholesale distribution to local restaurants, bakeries, cafes, and specialty grocery retailers across Ottawa and surrounding areas, as well as direct sales at local farmers' markets, and individual orders from our website.

Whether you're a restaurant owner looking for high-quality bread for your menu, a retail store looking to offer your customers something special, or an individual looking for fresh bread delivered straight to your door, Your Bread Box has you covered.


Commitment to Quality (Our Mission Statement):

Our sourdough bread is never frozen and always made fresh using traditional methods which include using a starter and going through a 72-hour fermentation period, which results in a unique and flavorful product that's rich in nutrients and easy to digest. We use only the best quality ingredients, carefully selected from local mills near Ottawa.

Each loaf is hand-scored, and not only tastes delicious but is a visual delight to our customers.